Student Testimonials

Your Training Counselor, Bob Hopper, has 35 years of teaching experience. He suggests that BEFORE you sign up for any NRA Instructor Course, you should ask the Training Counselor to provide you with the names and e-mail addresses of students that have attended his course. Like any other profession, the quality of instruction varies from one teacher to another. Below are quotes from NRA Certified Instructor students that have attended and completed one or more of Bob’s classes.

I am writing this letter on behalf of Mr. Bob Hopper to vouch for his professionalism, integrity, self-accountability, and responsibility as an NRA instructor. I have taken an instructors course from Mr. Hopper, and found his style and method in teaching exceptional. He’s has the unique ability to calm the classroom, engage the students, and teach well to a variety of audiences.

As a retired police sergeant, I have been to a multitude of training venues and know the difference between a “good� instructor and a “bad� one. Mr. Hopper falls into the category of “good�. I have recommended his courses to a variety of folks who live around the Orlando, FL area.

I trust Mr. Hopper, and would easily vouch for him to use any facility access you have to offer. He is a trusted person, with great teaching skills.
Thank you for your consideration and time in reading this letter of recommendation.

Very Respectfully,


  • “Bob made me feel very comfortable, not under pressure.â€?
  • “I appreciated the quality and depth of the course, and the thoroughness, integrity, and reputation of Bobâ€?
  • “The instruction was top notch – no shortcutsâ€?
  • “I have a Ph.D. from an Ivy League school and have not had a better teacher than Bobâ€?
  • “Bob really went the extra mile to help me pass this courseâ€?
  • “Bob instills a lot of confidence in his students – I can do thisâ€?
  • “I am a retired LEO and would rank Bob’s instruction among that best that I have ever hadâ€?
  • “I can’t wait to come back and take another of Bob’s coursesâ€?
  • “Months after I finished Bob’s course, he let me call him and he answered my questions and coached me to help me get ready to teach my first courseâ€?
  • “This guy (Bob) knows his stuffâ€?

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